MatchPoint Badminton Club

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

AGM Decisions

Well, the dust has settled after the 2004 AGM. The big news is that from this Septembers renewal, members will be able to choose from two levels of membership fees:

  1. £115 full membership fee, no club-night fee for full members

  2. £95 full membership fee, £1 club-night fee

That's right, you can choose which you want to do! The numbers above are for full single members, other types (concession, join, pay-n-play) will rise accordingly; full details to follow.

The committee members are as follows:

  • Dan Amy (selection committee)
  • Gladys Appleby
  • Jacky Barron
  • Ian Bland (Club Secretary)
  • Matt Bunton
  • Pete Burgess (Chairman & selection committee)
  • Tony Carter
  • Sonia Doublet
  • Peter Gurd
  • Jon Hepworth (joint Team Secretary)
  • Paul Hoff (Junior Representative & selection committee)
  • Kim March (joint Team Secretary & selection committee)
  • Ian Newcombe
  • Mike Newton-Woof (Social Secretary & selection committee)
  • Craig Paget (Treasurer)
  • Matt Pascoe

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Affiliate Shops

We've added some affiliated shops to the links page; use these links to get yourself some great deals (money off, free gifts, low-rate credit card, etc.) and earn your club some commission.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Club Coaching

The club coaching with Jamie Russell has now finished and was a huge success; I've had nothing but positive feedback. A big thank you to Jamie, Charmaine and Alex and all the members that were able to take part.

Should anyone wish to continue with either single or group coaching, contact Jamie (, 01329 833833 or 07787 155531).

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Issues for the AGM

Membership Fees

At the committee meeting of 6/7/4, it was decided that the club needs to increase it's income to cover increased costs. This decision hasn't been taken lightly - the membership fee has only risen £5 in the last six years!

At the AGM (26/7/4) the members will be asked to decide which of two options to select:

  1. £115 full membership fee, no club-night fee for full members

  2. £95 full membership fee, £1 club-night fee

Other membership fees to increase in-line.


After many years of 200% effort, Jo Francis has decided to step down as Secretary and committee member. Having reviewed a list of the tasks that Jo has accumulated, the committee has decided to split the office into Club Secretary and Match Secretary.


If you feel that you can take on the resposibilities of being a committee member or even a club officer, stand up and be counted at the AGM!